Daily Quests

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Every day you will have several daily missions that you can complete. Each mission will have different tasks and rewards. And there will be additional prizes if you complete all of your daily missions!

Daily Quests will  reset everyday at 00.00AM.

Quest List

Name Objectives Rewards
 Daily Gear Maintenance  - Go refine any weapon or armor to NPC Smith 3 times in a row.  - Zeny
 Head to Head  - Fight and finish the Izlude Arena

 - Zeny

 - 5 675.png Silver Coin

 Soldier loyalty  - Finish 1 or more Eden's Quest.  - Zeny
 Beat of the day  - Join and bet on the poring race.

 - 10 675.png Silver Coin

 Finish them All  - Finsh all daily quest.  - Cashpoint